Cookie policy

Cookie policy

‘Cookies’ are small information files which can be temporarily or permanently stored via the browser on your computer or other device by a website’s server. The cookies contain a unique code which allow your browser to be recognised during your visit to the website (session cookies) or during a later visit (permanent cookies). Cookies simplify, supplement and personalise the use of a website.

This website uses various types of cookies:

Functional cookies

Functional cookies are the cookies which simplify the functioning of the website; they make using the website more pleasant and ensure that you have a more personalised surfing experience. These are the cookies that remember your language preferences, for example.

These cookies are indispensable if you want to visit this website and use certain sections of it. If you decline to accept these cookies, certain sections of the website will not work optimally or may not work at all.

Analytical cookies

In order to improve the user friendliness of the website, we use Google Analytics to collect statistics about the use of the website; these statistics are collected by means of cookies.

The purpose of these cookies is to collect information about the way in which visitors use this website. Based on these data, we can analyse and optimise the use of the website. The privacy of the visitors remains guaranteed.

Integrated video content

This website may contain videos which are located on the website(s)/server(s) of third parties. The providers of this so-called embedded content also use cookies.

• YouTube: Since YouTube is part of the Google group of companies, Google’s general cookie policy applies to the cookies from the YouTube domain. You will find more information about this at .

• Vimeo: Cookies originating from the Vimeo domain are subject to the following cookie policy:

Social media applications

Buttons and other applications may be placed on this website. These functionalities allow you to share messages or content which appears on the website. These buttons and applications work by means of pieces of code which originate from the social media platforms themselves. These pieces of code may also place cookies on your devices. In these cases, we have no authority over these cookies, and we refer you to the cookie policy of the relevant social media platform where you will find more information about the contents and data which are processed using these cookies:

Accepting or removing cookies

If you do not agree with our cookie policy, we ask that you adjust your Internet browser settings to reflect your wishes or that you leave the website. If you continue to browse this website without adjusting your settings, this implies that you accept the use and installation of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy.

You may, at any time, adjust your Internet browser settings so that you receive a warning before cookies are accepted, for example, or you can even choose to refuse cookies systematically. You can also remove the cookies stored on your computer or mobile device at any time. Click on your Internet browser’s Help button to learn how to change the relevant settings and/or how to remove the cookies.

Please note that if you refuse the use of cookies, certain functionalities of this website may no longer be available and/or may not operate optimally.