General | September 22, 2022

LIFE Sparc: three more years!

LIFE Sparc: three more years!

Great news: the Sparcproject has been extended by three years! That means we can continue to invest in a climate-proof Scheldt Valley up until August 2025.

Sparc launched five years ago. Through the European Union’s LIFE programme, we received subsidies to further develop eight of the Sigma Plan’s project areas and to arm them against climate change. How? By giving the rivers Scheldt and Durme more space to flow and flood, and by restoring 428 hectares of authentic tidal nature. Thanks to the recent extension of LIFE Sparc, we can keep supporting these big-scale nature works for three more years.

Apart from that, we continue to invest in experiences. You can explore the Sparc areas together with a guide, ask our ambassadors for tourist tips or join the celebrations during our summer event, STROOM. And there is more to come, as we are working on experience trails and teaching materials for schools and associations.

Lastly, exchanging knowledge and experiences is key for Sparc. The solutions we are establishing along the Scheldt and Durme, we share with custodians of other tidal areas in Europe. We will keep this up in the coming years as well, through workshops, field visits and conferences.