Recreation | May 10, 2022

STROOM, a new festival in the Scheldt valley with a heart for sustainable nature.

STROOM, a new festival in the Scheldt valley with a heart for sustainable nature.

This summer, the Scheldt valley will turn into STROOM, a new festival on nature and sustainability. From June 23rd to July 3rd 2022, STROOM will take you on a discovery of music and art along the Scheldt’s most beautiful nature. What to expect? Large outdoor concerts, intimate musical experiences, sustainable discourses and an art route. In August you can enjoy guided walks, bike rides, entertainment and other numerous activities.

Hoogtij 2.0

After three years Hoogtij! Festival in de Scheldevallei, this year we are coorganising with Gent Festival van Vlaanderen, creating STROOM, Festival in de Scheldevallei!

Nature, climate and sustainability

The entire festival focuses on central LIFE Sparc themes. You will be able to experience STROOM in a different city or municipality every day. It will take you along the Castles of the Scheldt, wide views banks and hidden gems of renowned artists paying tribute to the river.

Composer Jef Neve and writer David Van Reybrouck wrote a Rain Requiem especially for the festival, dedicated to the victims of the floods last year. This new requiem is premiering in one of the most beautiful places along the Scheldt, at Sint-Amands. In addition, you can enjoy STROOM during a full day in Dendermonde with four elaborate programmes at special locations in the city. The garden of the beautiful Castle D’Ursel also forms the backdrop for some unique performances. A family day will take place at Laarne Castle with a musical display for families and a large short-chain picnic. The festival days are also filled with interesting evenings of discussion about the Sigma Plan, an art route, poetry and much more.


After the 11-day festival, the festival will continue all summer. #herecomestheflood, the photo project of the Dutch artist Rem van den Bosch, is central to this. In his work, van den Bosch paints a picture of our vulnerability to flooding. Figures in bright red act as silent messengers to indicate where the water would reach in the event of extreme water levels such as a dangerous storm without dams and Sigma Plan’s protective measures. With this photo project, the artist wants to initiate a discussion about rising water’s consequences and what we can do about it. Van den Bosch is not out for sensation, but hopes to create water awareness and an open conversation about the future.

#herecomstheflood shows 23 recognisable locations where we work and live on the water without worrying about the water-retaining effect of the dam and the water buffering in flood areas. All photos can be viewed free of charge from June 23rd to August 31st and are connected bywalking and cycling routes. They also form the base for all kinds of summer activities.

Beautiful Scheldt Valley

STROOM is a great way to further put the entire region on the map and allows visitors to discover the beautiful chain of nature between Ghent and Antwerp. In addition to the richly filled program, the breathtaking nature, charming villages and stately Castles of the Scheldt make it more than worthwhile to make it a multi-day visit with overnight stay.

Ticket sales for STROOM start on Thursday 21st April at 2 pm.

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Toeristische ambassadeurs

Dorst gekregen? Tijdens STROOM vind je genoeg lekkers op je route. Ontdek ze hieronder per regio!