General | February 24, 2022

Waterfalls in Flanders? No way!

Waterfalls in Flanders? No way!

You can visit real waterfalls at three different locations in the Scheldt valley. If your timing is right at least. But don’t worry, that’s why we’ve provided a handy tool to plan your visit for the best spectacle.

Waterfalls in the countryside of Flanders? But yes of course!

At high tide, the sluices come into operation along the flood control areas with reduced tides of the Sigma Plan. These impressive constructions allow river water to flow in and out the Polders of Kruibeke, Zennegat and Bergenmeersen every day. This way, rare tidal nature can develop. And as a bonus, you can watch the awe-inspiring power of the water from the front row.

At least … If you get there in time. Because those famous waterfalls only occur twice a day. How big and impressive they are depends on the difference between high and low tide. But don’t worry, you can find all that information in this simple tool: where you can find the sluices, when the floodgates open and even how much of a spectacle you can expect. (Three waves is guaranteed fun!)